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Hello, I’m Janet, a licensed, North Toronto, dog walker. I offer group dog walks from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm. My walks are safe, satisfying, stimulating, tiring and lots of fun!

I love dog walking

There is nothing better than watching dogs enjoying the moment and practicing their skills or than seeing a tired and happy dog settling in for a post-walk nap! I approach the walk as both a fun and structured experience. My goal is for the dogs in my charge to be able to do the things they enjoy on their walks – to sniff, explore, play and socialize. To that end, I work to gain their trust by helping them interact appropriately with other dogs, by practicing their commands, or learning some new ones. I can walk your dog on leash around her neighborhood or drive to an off-leash park, whatever your dog needs! All ages and breeds welcome.


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About me

I’m a writer and dog walker with Dog Walking and Pet First Aid certifications who has owned dogs for the last 18 years, from a very timid greyhound to rambunctious puppies. For several years, I had two very different dogs.

I quickly learned how to make sure our walks were fun and satisfying outings for both of them. Over the years, I’ve taken my dogs to private training sessions and obedience and dog sport classes and cared for dogs as an animal hospital assistant. My training as a dog walker was acquired through the completion of professional dog walker and pet first aid certifications. I’m bonded and insured.

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